Why this Cosmopolitan Endometriosis statistic is damaging

My response to THAT Cosmopolitan Magazine Endometriosis statistic

A link to my article on the damaging endometriosis statistic in Cosmopolitan magazine

Why this Cosmopolitan Endometriosis statistic is damaging
A screenshot of the statistic from the digital version of Cosmopolitan

I don’t know how many of you have come across the endometriosis statistic in the July 2017 US Cosmopolitan Magazine that has gone a bit viral.

It claims that your risk of developing endometriosis can drop by 50 percent if you orgasm during your period.

I think anyone suffering from this disease will know instantly that this is nonsense. This is based on an old and widely rebutted piece of research, and as an endometriosis sufferer I find the suggestion offensive.

But I will not have a rant about this here, because I did so for The Mighty instead. You can find my article, “Why Cosmopolitan’s sexy Endometriosis statistic is damaging,” here.



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