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Cheaper online Christmas shopping- some links to save some £s

Ok, so this is a really quick post. I was just on a site sharing deals with people and realised some of you guys might want to know about them and other ways I go about saving a few £s online too as I know it is the only way many of us can do our Christmas shopping.

Disclosure: I have put referral links in here, which means I get rewarded on a few of these sites if you join, but they are all ones I genuinely  use. The offers I’ve stated are correct as of 7/12/2016. Note, these are UK sites but you’ll find versions of them worldwide.

img_0902First of all, cashback sites.

If you are shopping online you really should use them and they even have browser add-ons you can download so you don’t have to remember to go to their sites. How does this work? Basically you log onto their site, have a look through the deals or search for the specific brand you want to shop with, click through to your desired site and after you shop you will get a bit of money back. It’s not immediate but does add up over time and currently they have some pretty good cashback rates on some shops because of Christmas. They also list voucher codes you can use alongside your cashback for an instant discount. If you use discount code not listed they won’t approve your cashback.

So what do I use? A site called Topcashback. It seems to have slightly better rates than everyone else. And if you find a better rate elsewhere they will match it.


Other cashback sites I use: Quidco


I’ve always lurked on HotUkDeals but because of their Christmas competition I’ve had to actually join and I’ve realised there’s a lot more to it than a thread that will give me the answer to the Topcashback clues when I can’t  figure it out. It’s basically a community that shares deals, voucher codes, competitions and other things I haven’t ventured into yet. It’s basically one place where everyone has put all the great deals for you. You can search for a brand or just browse. You don’t have to join to use it, only if you want to contribute. Take a look here.

Voucher sites

I always google for vouchers before I buy anything online. If you’re also claiming cashback, be carefully only to use codes listed on the cashback site. Even so, you will sometimes find a voucher elsewhere that save some you more than the cashback, and you get the discount instantly. This is the main site I use: You can also find voucher codes on HotUkDeals, see above.

Sale sites

There are a lot of these sites out there but my preference is for Basically, these sites sell items that brands want to get rid of (out of season or whatever but all in perfect condition) in flash sales. I.e. The sale will only be up for a short, predetermined time, not until the items run out. I got a very good price on a present last year, but I probably shouldn’t give details as the giftee may read this!

Tip: keep an eye on the dispatch date, they don’t dispatch immediately but usually at the end of the sale period.

Do have a google for other sale sites, there’s a lot of them out there.

Other sale sites I use: Vente-Privee

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  1. Ive never had any luck googling voucher codes before as their normally just US things so I’ll definitely be taking a look at that one. Thanks.

    1. Ah I normally google the site name and voucher codes and mostly get UK sites. Best to use voucher rather than coupon as I think Americans tend to say coupon more. But yes, check directly and you should find the majority of codes on there x

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