The golden paste experiment: ways to eat it and hide the taste

The Golden paste turmeric experiment, Part 2: ways to eat it

Ok, so I asked you guys for ideas on how to disguise the taste of my golden paste (because there was no way I was eating that stuff on its own) and now I want to let you know what worked and what didn’t.

From top to bottom rated:

The golden paste Turmeric experiment: ways to eat it and hide the tasteSmoothies 10/10 “Can’t taste it at all”
I often have a smoothie at lunch so this was pretty low effort for me. I have quite big ones with nuts and seeds in as well as veg and a bit of fruit. Couldn’t Taste the Turmeric at all. And it didn’t stain anything or come out bright yellow.

Golden Milk 8/10 “tastes like fancy custard”
This was something that was recommended to me. I used this recipe with skimmed milk even though it says to use almond or soya (although I did try almond once and it was pretty nice too). It’s basically warm milk with cinnamon, ginger, the golden paste and honey or a sweetener.

It tastes delicious. It makes the most of the turmeric rather than hiding it but it’s a nice subtle taste. Only a pale yellow. You do get a few bits at the bottom though which unfortunately you should also consume as its probably the pepper from the golden paste. I add a bit of water, swirl it round and down the last dregs to make sure I get these bits. I did find this high effort though (only because I have so few spoons it would be really easy for a normal person to whip up) so my cheat is to warm the milk in the microwave then stir everything in.

Banana porridge 7/10 “yummy but very yellow”
This was one of those “I’m eating it anyway so I might as well try the golden paste in it” ideas. But it worked really well. I make porridge with frozen slices of banana, which stops it overflowing when it gets too hot and means I don’t have to check on it. You simply stir in some golden paste when it’s done and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and you are good to go. It is very yellow though!

Tea 4/10 “a bit too turmeric tasting and has a luminous glow”
Tea does not hide the taste of turmeric enough. It was drinkable but not really enjoyable. However, lots of people have said its good in coffee, which I don’t really have much of so haven’t tried. But maybe don’t put it in your tea. Also, it doesn’t go yellow but it does kind of glow yellow in the light. And you have grainy bits at the bottom you have to drink.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any more ideas. I’m going to try freezing small pellets too so I can just swallow it whole. There will be a blog on it in the near future no doubt.

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